26 South West Cider Apple Tree varieties & 18 Eat/Cook/Juice Apples to choose from...

Cider Apple Trees

Cider Apple trees for sale on m25 bareroot 5 years old


Traditional West Country Heritage Varieties   Full-standard Orchard Trees 

John & Sarah Whittick 20+years grafting budding planting

Specialist Apple Tree Nursery

We specialise in growing and supplying full-standard apple trees which can be used to make cider

 and varieties for eating, cooking & juicing

Our standard apple trees are 5 years old and have a clear stem of 1.8 metres (6ft)

Trees are supplied from November to March in a dormant state

Consideration should be taken to purchase & prepare:


Machined posts 2.4m (8 ft) 75 -100mm, driven 0.6m (2 ft) into ground Tree guards 1.8m (6 ft) welded mesh 75mm x 25mm

 Tree tying strapping 28mm x .5m £1.50/m and Spacer blocks £1.20 

All available at Cider Apple Trees 

Contact us to order from May onwards

All trees are priced at £38 for 2019/2020

Trees can be delivered throughout the West Country subject to a delivery charge based on distance from the nursery

Trees are supplied bare rooted on M25 rootstock

(We reserve the right to change the prices annually in April)