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    Plums, Pears and Damsons

    Varieties of plums, gages, pears, and damsons which are available as standards, half standards and maiden (1 year old) trees are:-

      Harvesting *


     AvalonEarly August
     CzarEarly August
     Marjorie's SeedlingLate September
     OpalLate July
     Rivers' Early ProlificEarly August
     VictoriaLate August


     Old GreengageMid August


     Beurre HardySeptember
     Doyenne du ComiceOctober
     Williams' Bon ChretienAugust


     MerryweatherLate September

    Standard plum/gage/damson trees are priced at £35 per tree , half standard trees at £20 and maiden (1-year-old) trees are £13.50. Standard pear trees are priced at £40 per tree, and half standards at £20

    * depending on site conditions and weather