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    Eating Varieties

    EATING, COOKING and JUICING varieties

     VarietyEating, cooking
    or juicing
    group *
    season *
    Season of use -
    thru until
     Ashmead's KernelE/J5Oct/NovFebruary
     Beauty of BathE2August-
     Blenheim OrangeE/C3Sept/OctJanuary
     Bramley's SeedlingC/J3OctoberFebruary
     Charles RossC/E/J3SeptemberOctober
     Cox's Orange PippinE/J3SeptemberDecember
     Crimson BramleyC/J3OctoberFebruary
     Devonshire QuarrendenE/J2Aug/Sept-
     Egremont RussetE/J2OctoberDecember
     James GrieveE/C/J3SeptemberOctober
     King of the PippinsE/J3OctoberNovember
     Lord LamborneE/J2SeptemberDecember
     Newton WonderC/E/J5OctoberFebuary
     Tom PuttC/E/J3SeptemberOctober
     Worcster PearmainE/J3SeptemberOctober
    *depending on site conditions and weather

    Other varieties which we grow are:
    Annie Elizabeth
    Belle de Boskoop
    Bridgwater Pippin
    Cornish Gillyflower
    Court of Wick
    Golden Knob
    Golden Noble
    Hoary Morning
    Pitmaston Pineapple
    Royal Somerset
    Ten Commandments
    Warner's King 



    Small quanties of other varieties are also available; please do enquire if you are seeking a particular variety.

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